February 23, 2007

sunlit dreams - 2

after the yesterdays's sunlit dreams, i remembered this painting which i did in the past, using photoshop.for this painting also i wanted to give the same feel of early morning light...kind of dreamy situation.i hope to do more works on the same subject.


Payeng said...

Its a delight going through the pages of your post Kamal..

Please keep us enthralled

aroop said...

This is awesome..nice gesture and nice colors..if u haven't mentioned that you colored it in Photoshop i would have thought it to be done in Oil..(esp the legs.)

Karthi said...

Kamal, I want to know what kind of interface you use with your PC. Is it stylus or just plain mouse ?

She's is gorgeous!

kamal anjelo said...

payeng : sure thing buddy!thanks :)
aroop : thanks man!
karthi : nowadays i use wacom CTE-640 to paint and colour, earlier i was using an iball product which is not bad either!glad you like here ;)


intuos are graphire would give much better results and sensitive.

robinart said...

so sweety girl. nice.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really great work on this piccy !