December 27, 2007

more fun

These are the other two drawing i made on the christmas holidays. I am so glad to see this blog now, totally filled up with drawings.This is how its supposed to be...happy holidays!

December 26, 2007

just fun

On the christmas holidays i made few sketches.this is the first one from the set.I will post the rest soon!

May 21, 2007


An image from my animation film...a funny take on the western shoot out scenario

May 8, 2007

பேட்டை rap

The more i listen to tamil rap songs with lots n lots of englipish words, its hard for me not to imagine how our native singers would look like when they sung those upbeat rap songs in is a character inspired by such a song!

i am yet to name this character, planning to paint him with a background aswell.

the question

April 13, 2007

hero returns

and a superhero from india


a couple of years back, there was this friendly competition was going on in one of the art forums i visit often.the challenge given was Draw yourself as a warrior now i realized that i havent shown this work anywhere else, other than that artforum and here it is!

February 25, 2007

an elder friend from delhi

yesterday after dinner i was relaxingly talking to an elder friend, who happens to be my room mate also,here at bangalore.while he was talking i made a few sketches.itsbeen a while, i have done any life i started with life sketching, then simplified the features and made a cartoon.

he saw those, and he was pretty exited.he asked if its possible to do more cartoony,in a realistic way.then i draw this caricature.
thanks Rakesh ji, cheers!

February 23, 2007

sunlit dreams - 2

after the yesterdays's sunlit dreams, i remembered this painting which i did in the past, using photoshop.for this painting also i wanted to give the same feel of early morning light...kind of dreamy situation.i hope to do more works on the same subject.