April 4, 2007

Magnum force


Sree's Views said...

Hello Kamal...I dont know all these tech terms...but the sketch has come out very well..I can see confidence in the lines :)
(the proportion keeps decreasing to show the depth..rt..is it what foreshortening is ? ) dont lol if I am wrong :)

kamal anjelo said...

:) Thanks Sree...what you said is correct.

Foreshortening : A form of perspective where the nearest parts of an object or form are enlarged so that the rest of the form appears to go back in space.

Payeng said...

Hi.. Kamal

How about some sketches of Bikes..??

Hatem said...

very nice sketch!
hey it's the first time to know this type of perspective is called foreshortening ..i always looked for photos typing a lot of useless words hehe
so thanks for the art and for the knowledge too! :)

payeng said...

hi Kamal..

How about bike sketches..??