April 28, 2010


after listening to Andrea Jeremiah's wonderful song Idhu Varai from Goa, i had to do a painting of her. she is so beautiful and talented, i hope she sings more sweet songs in the future.

i wanted to keep it painterly with broad strokes, but ended up with more details than actually intended. anyway, blood on the knife is my add.


கருந்தேள் கண்ணாயிரம் said...

Kamal.. This one is sooo cute and beautiful . . Especially the smile is perfect ! And the nose !! Luved this one . . :-)

பயங்கரவாதி டாக்டர் செவன் said...

அழகிய ஆபத்து?!!

Rafiq Raja said...

Such a lovely rendition. To all her angelic self, with a evil twist in the hand.... Great work Kamal.

Andrea is indeed a beautiful star performer of many talents. Good to see that she is part of Tamil industry, and not anywhere else.

www.thalaivan.com said...

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